EA Sports NBA Live 13 has been canceled…  

I thought yall would want to know.. 

  • Last year there wasn’t an NBA Live 12 and half way to releasing NBA Live 11 it was scrapped.. now NBA Live 13 will taste the the same fate.
  • I’m really not surprised by it either..
  • Lately they haven’t done anything to compete with NBA 2K and never make true changes year after year.
  • So far they’ve only released about a handful of in game videos and so far didn’t even name a cover athlete yet.
  • A Demo hasn’t been released either..
  • Plus with the NBA 2K official release coming in a matter of days they decided to shut everything down.

In my opinion NBA 2K is head & shoulders above NBA Live

Kinda like

  1. LeBron vs. Kobe
  2. LeBron vs  KD
  3. LeBron vs. D Rose

By.. theworldspeaksthrough14

By the way I really liked this picture as a cover…

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